The mignon model was trend and innovation, all-year sold apart from seasons. It's the turning point: Loriblu grows into an international company, always keeping a creative heart and attention to handmade detail of every shoes.
The factory in Via del Lavoro


Loriblu inaugurates its factory, and the pairs of shoes raise...and raise...and raise...
The Golden Shoe award


The 90’s marked the era of Loriblu jewel sandal. Rhinestones, crystals, Swarovsky create a chic and sophisticated style, which will find its highest expression in 1996 in a unique model even now: it’s the Golden Shoe, designed in occasion of the homonymous footwear award. A symbol shoe, entirely mades of gold and zircons, worth at the time 50 millions of lire.
The factory in Via dell'Edilizia


Loriblu has become a brand symbol of Made in Italy all around the world. Orders come from everywhere, celebrities always want new creations to wear at movies or at tv shows: therefore there's need of new and larger spaces. So Loriblu inaugurates the factory in Via dell'Edilizia, and here also realizes a big factory store that becomes soon one of the most visited of the region.
The Flagship Stores


The opening in 2009 of the flagship store in Rome, Piazza di Spagna, is the first of many important inaugurations of Loriblu stores in the most prestigious locations in Italy and abroad. The current boutiques are 15, but new openings are in the works...
The news factory in Via dell'Economia


For Loriblu the last few years have been characterized by a strong growth: an incessant rise of turnover, an important visibility in all major fashion magazines, the land to new European and Extra European markets. Therefore the Company undertook another new challenge: a new futuristic design factory of more than 15.000 sq meters, using the latest tecnologies and a "green" philosophy, thanks to the many solar panels on the roof.
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