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Men's fragrances


Fresh notes, sensual scents or intensive fragrances, loriblu stands out for a large variety of perfumes, each one with very special features. the essences used to create every perfume are different and they are blended choosing wisely top, middle and base notes. the available fragrances for men are: mi piaci black, sensual silver and black.

Mi piaci black: soft and sensual fragrances mi piaci black is a sophisticated mix of musk and spicy scents, with intensive and sensual base notes blended with the freshness of lemon, pink pepper and coriander aroma.

Sensual silver: an intensive and sensual perfume with citrus and wood notes sensual silver is a fresh fragrance for man – also known as loriblu man – characterized by citrus aroma and wood essence, with an amber base note.

Black: men’s perfume with secret essences Loriblu black is the perfect men’s perfume to stand out from others; an exclusive fragrance that combines strong and well-balanced essences, that harmonizes top, middle and base notes.

Loriblu men’s perfumes have a very nice packaging, that makes them the best choice for an elegant gift. the box of mi piaci black opens up like a flower; sensual silver has a shiny silver box and the bottle, decorated with a pendant, is made of glass; black the bottle of loriblu black is covered with leather, embellished with Swarovski elements.